MugCrate is a quarterly subscription box for lovers of Tiki mugs and all things Polynesian-pop! Just Subscribe, Unbox, & Enjoy!

MugCrate is borne of a sincere desire to expose Tiki fans new and old to the best the Tiki movement has to offer (and a desire to make gift giving a little more enjoyable for people not in the know!)

So far in the evolution of this project, we've built a screen printing rig and learned to print boxes, priced out a year's worth of boxes, run a "MugCrate test" through our site (, and contacted many artisans and events. All we need now is subscribers! As a gift to our subscribers, we plan to randomly select one Starter MugCrate to upgrade to a Deluxe MugCrate for every 100 MugCrates sold per quarter. If we exceed our funding goal in this campaign, the numbers of upgrades will increase as well as we will be upgrading some Deluxe crates to Ultracrate status. We feel we can do this with a high degree of reliability and quality because my husband and I have run a Tiki Mug company ( for the past 5 years, and have experience shipping Tiki mugs, fulfilling 3 successful Kickstarters, and managing product launches, along with many contacts in the Tiki world...we can absolutely do this.


People talking about the April MugCrate test

"I am very happy with my MugCrate purchase and more than excited that I ended up with the Cthulhu idol mug and for such a greatly reduced price, plus(!) extra goodies like swizzle sticks, stickers, matches, etc. I will definitely be buying from you
guys again. "

"April Fool box wasn't a surprise:
it was amazing! What a great set of gift items! I loved the stickers, matches, mug, swizzle sticks, just everything about my order! Packed really well too!"

Excellent Product I received my product on Monday April 25, 2016 and it is excellent and beyond my expectations. everything was very well packaged and the mug is really cool. the extras that came along with the mug are also very nice.