Frequently Asked Questions

I host an event; How do I advertise in the box?

Contact us at to find out how to get your event date, postcard, or swag included in the box!

I'm an artist, mugmaker, designer, or creator; how do I get my work considered for inclusion?

Drop us a line - we'd love to see your work! Contact us at

What's the difference between a Starter MugCrate and a Delux MugCrate?

The standard box has at least a mug, a big neat thing, and a bunch of little neat things. The Deluxe box is might be the same mug, a variant of the mug, or an upgrade of the same theme of mug. Also, there will be 2 or more big neat things, and a bunch of little neat things in the box. All the boxes will be hand screen-printed, packed with care, and delivered to the postman by me or my husband.

When is a Tiki mug not a tiki mug?

What is or is not a Tiki mug is up for a bit of debate. For us, any ceramic mug shaped like a tiki, any ceramic or glass vessel of distinction used in a classic Tiki bar, any low-brow or monster or nautical mug paired with a cocktail and designed for use in a bar, and anything that we think might thrill our subscribers is a "Tiki mug" We're big tent.

Do you want old event swag (swizzles, matchbooks, coasters, etc) I have cluttering up my garage?

MAYBE! Drop us a line.