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The Shop / "Kiele" - A Club Coconut black lava figurine by Chris Sanders.

"Kiele" - A Club Coconut black lava figurine by Chris Sanders.



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Product Description

Pre-order October 5-31; shipping in November.

MugCrate is pleased to present Kiele - a lovely wahine in a bikini, cast in the same "black lava" stone resin as classic Coco-Joe and HIP figurines. Only 1000 were produced, and until now these have only been available at San Diego Comic Con directly from Chris Sanders and Jessica Steele-Sanders themselves.

Does Kiele look familiar? Chris is an American animation director, illustrator and voice actor best known for co-writing and directing the Disney animated feature Lilo & Stitch!

Club Coconut is a passion project for Chris and his wife, writer Jessica Steele-Sanders. We are thrilled to offer them an online debut for these amazing figures.

This figurine stands 8 inches high, and has the solidity and density of high quality statuary. Details such as the blossom in Kiele's hair are intricate and gorgeous. The world "Aloha" in gold paint hearkens back to the tourist pieces that inspired these works of art which commonly had location names on the base.

MSRP is $90, but we are pleased to offer you the figure for $75 by special arrangement. No telling how long we will have access to these figures at this price, so I recommend buying now. Pre-order October 5-31; shipping in November.

I'll let Chris tell you about Kiele (and the companion figure, Maile) in his own words. "With the market in fresh, ingenious, and beautiful new tiki mugs thriving (I have many myself), we thought we might be able to do something similar for the lava souvenir figures from so long ago: bring them back bigger and better than ever! So that's exactly what Jess and I did. We didn't compromise on the design or the manufacture, insuring that the final figurines would have that same black lava luster, the same weight and feel, and, most importantly, retain the sensuous curves and cute faces that were the standard of those made so long ago. The new figures were produced in conjunction with Gentle Giant here in Los Angeles, based on my drawings. Each Maile and Kiele comes well-presented in a sturdy and colorful box designed by Jess to evoke a time long past, with printed-on wear that makes them feel like a warehouse find."